Come and meet Code Software at EvolveConfUK 2018

This is a guest post from Mark Armstrong, Director at Code Software

Code software is a sponsor of Evolve Conference. find them at https://codesoftware.net/

Simon Simek, the celebrated motivational speaker and author, suggests we always start with ‘why’. However, sometimes it makes more sense to start with where and when because if you can’t make it, the why becomes irrelevant. So, the ‘where’ is the National Conference Centre in Birmingham, UK. The ‘when’ is September 10th (starting at 8 am with a bit of time to get some breakfast). And the ‘what’ is quite important too – it’s the Evolve “A UC Day Event”. For some people, this information alone will have answered the ‘why’ question…but for most of us, perhaps a little more incentivization is required.

Firstly, take a look at the day’s schedule www.evolveconf.co.uk/schedule. It’s a packed agenda and the venue’s room names will inspire even the most subdued minds. Like the nicknames of the members of a public-school boyband, the names Waterloo, Britannia, Bracebridge, Manxman and Ballacrane evoke a wistful longing for the days of the empire. Imagine being able to say, I was there in Manxman when Introducing Skype for Business 2019 speech was delivered.

The line-up of speakers is impressive including, amongst others, a Cloud Architect, a Security Geek and an Exchange Godfather! And sandwiched between all the sessions is the chance to meet with the event’s sponsors. Again, there is an array of offerings to meet all tastes and interests.

One exhibiting company is Code Software; an organisation that boasts offices in Florida, Cirencester and Iasi. The stand will be manned by 3 middle-aged men in suits who will be keen to talk to you about all the latest in reporting, recording and analytics on Skype for Business and Office 365. Their unique offering includes the ability to deliver call quality monitoring and stats, capacity management, user adoption and staff productivity data. Basically, their application gives companies an insight into how they are communicating with the outside (and inside) world. By using Code Software’s UC Analytics solution, one client discovered that there was a direct correlation between their sales team’s activity on Skype for Business (calls, conferences, IMs) and revenue in the corresponding month in the ensuing quarter. Another spotted that there had a been a huge spike in call traffic the previous day, only to find that their UC system had been compromised and they had been a victim of toll fraud. Consequently, they were able to close down all the security holes and protect their business from heavier losses. Pretty important stuff you may think. But many businesses continue to ‘wing it’, believing they know all about their operation using spreadsheets and gut feeling. As Code offers free 30 day trials of their software and doesn’t tie in customers to long contracts, it may be well worth having a chat with one of the besuited fellows.

And going back to Simon Simek, there is many a good reason why you should attend this year’s Evolve.