Award-winning email signature solutions from Exclaimer

Exclaimer’s email signature solutions allow you to centrally create and manage email signatures for your whole organization. Whether you’re using Office 365 or Exchange, you can create high quality, professional email signatures and deploy them to individual users, groups or departments in minutes.

Some of the great benefits of using an Exclaimer solution include:

  • High-quality, branded HTML signatures.
  • Auto-populated contact details.
  • Different signatures for reply and internal emails.
  • Preview the signature while editing.
  • Signatures on Macs and mobiles.
  • Control from a central location.

About Exclaimer

Founded in 2001, Exclaimer is the recognized global market leader in on-premises and cloud-based email signature software and solutions for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. It has over 50 million users worldwide with some companies holding licenses for over 100,000 users. Its diverse customer base includes renowned international organizations such as Sony, Mattel, 10 Downing Street, NBC, the Government of Canada, the BBC and many more organizations of all sectors and sizes.

Check out www.exclaimer.co.uk for more information.