Session List 2015

We are proud to announce our full session list for Unified Communications Day 2015.


Time Speaker Session Title Session Abstract Area
9:45 Ed Baker Take the ExpressRoute to Office 365 Microsoft Azure and Azure Active Directory are the
foundation stones upon which Office 365 is built and deployed.
This session will dig into the integration between the two and to
explore the Hybrid world of Site-to-Site VNets and Express Route which allows high speed secure and private connections from your datacentre,  main business sites or indeed hosting sites directly into Microsoft’s Azure Datacentres, thus offering more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security than typical connections over the Internet.
With ExpressRoute, you can establish connections to Azure at an
ExpressRoute location (Exchange Provider facility) or directly connect to Azure from your existing WAN network (such as an MPLS VPN) provided by a network service provider.
Finally, one of the jewels in crown of Microsoft Azures Enterprise
Mobility story is Azure RemoteApp which can now take advantage of ExpressRoute the session rounds off with a demonstration of this  ground breaking technology.
9:45 Stale Hansen Do it right, the proactive approach to maintaining call quality in a Skype for Business deployment The Microsoft Call Quality Methodology (CQM) is a systematical approach to not only troubleshoot and fix problems in your Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure, but also establish a methodology that is used proactively maintain call quality over time in your deployment. This sessions will touch on the components of CQM, The Call Quality Dashboard, Rate my call and how to succeed with the methodology Skype for Business
9:45 Steve Goodman Exchange 2016 Hybrid – Getting it right first time TBC MS Exchange
10:45 Gary Steere Troubleshooting AutoDiscover and Availability in Exchange and Office 365 AutoDiscover and Availability Services help solve two key
problems – finding your Exchange server (AutoDiscover), and getting calendar free times and busy times (Availability).  These services are used by Outlook clients, Skype for Business clients and Office 365 alike.The two services experienced only minor changes under Exchange 2007, 2010 and even early 2013.  The current change in the cloud landscape has changed that. What you knew about AutoDiscover in Exchange 2007, or even Exchange 2013 CU4, has changed.  Did you know that users on an Exchange 2013 CU4 server may use a different method of checking
availability for coworkers in Office 365 than users on CU7?This session will cover what you need to know about AutoDiscover and Availability to support your organization and understand how to troubleshoot common problems.  We will address common scenarios such as an organization with Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 on-premises in a hybrid configuration with users in Office 365. The session will be of value to both Exchange and Lync/Skype for Business attendees as both products use Exchange AutoDiscover and Availability.
Office 365
10:45 Ben Lee Skype for Business: Success beyond the servers When deploying Skype for Business, organisations think they are getting a turn-key UC solution that their users instantly understand, use and benefit from. In fact, they are often just starting out on their UC journey – something that can be challenging at times, and is often underestimated. Skype for Business is not a product that you can “roll out” and walk away from, but is instead a platform that needs to be carefully planned, designed and moulded to fit business needs.

I’ll cover how you need to consider many other factors beyond doing your server and bandwidth calculations, including:


  • Users, Users and more about how your Users are the key to success
  • Environmental and Infrastructure
  • Devices and Hardware
  • Networking
  • Interoperability


All of which will hopefully lead you towards a more truly successful deployment and the IT holy grail – very happy users!

Skype for Business
10:45 Brain Reid Magically Fixing Your Exchange Servers This session will cover how to perform the magic that is Desired State Configuration to ensure your Exchange Servers configuration remains intact throughout all the day to day changes in your systems needed to keep your business running. MS Exchange
13:00 Justin Harris So You Think Your Directory is Ready for Office 365? Making the choice to migrate to Office 365 can be a big decision for any company. One of the items that is often overlooked when starting a migration to Office 365 is the current state of the on-premises Active Directory environment. Over the years many different types of Active Directory structures have fell in and out of favor. Does your on-premises Active Directory infrastructure consist of multiple forests that may include several account and resource forests? Have your on-premises Active Directory environment accumulated 10+ years of bloat that has spanned multiple administrators? If so, this session will walk through the effort that is required to ensure the on-premises Active Directory is prepared for Office 365 hybrid connectivity and for a successful migration. Office 365
13:00 Tom Morgan Skype for Business Development Unveiled Even amongst Skype for Business consultants, support staff and other professionals, there can be a lack of understanding surrounding Skype for Business development. I’m on a one-man crusade to change that. The great news for developers is that there are a collection of well-maintained APIs to help you integrate communication into your company in ways you’ve only dreamed of!Aimed at the technically curious, you don’t have to be a developer to enjoy this session: it’ll be demo-heavy as I show you some examples of what you can do (and how easy it really is). Always wanted to create a custom IVR system for your company to look up order information? We’ll cover that…and lots more including an overview of the new Skype Web SDK which was launched earlier this year. Warning: live demos ahead!! By the end of the session we will have created a simple IVR system and hooked it up to the PSTN network so that delegates can dial into using their mobile phones. Skype for Business
13:00 Brian Reid Windows 10 and Office 365/Azure AD security We will look at using Windows 10 devices in Office 365 and Azure Active Directory scenarios and how this can be used to secure your cloud access and data access MS Exchange
14:00 Toni Pohl How to (remote) control Office 365 with Microsoft Azure This session can be redesigned into an Architecture session.
With the new Version of Office 365 developers have new possibilities for Integration and Automation. Companies are able to automate business processes with Office 365 API’s and Powershell to control the cloud needed for different scenarios.
In this session we show you a demo scenario where we automate Office 365 with an own app which can run in Microsoft Azure. You can see how to control and automate with the magic of Exchange web services, PowerShell, Azure Websites, Azure Active Directory, .NET and Visual Studio. We use Graph API, REST, CSOM and have a look into the new Office 365 API’s.
Office 365
14:00 Tom Arbuthnot Enterprise Voice Best Practises An experts session on enterprise voice explaining the inner workings from core call routing to media services and more Skype for Business
14:00 Dave Stork Tooling your Exchange This session covers critical and/or helpful tools for the Exchange admin for all kinds of situations.
For instance:
-Sizing, designing and validating.
-Collecting information for troubleshooting.
-Checking the security of your Exchange servers.
-Overall interesting information (for capacity management, compliance
During this session an overview of tools will be shown and in some cases a short demonstration will be given.
MS Exchange
15:00 Martina Grom 10 Things you should know about Office 365 There are tons of new and exciting stuff in the new Office 365. In this session, you get all the news about Office 365. What is new in Exchange Online, what’s about SharePoint Online and how to use Skype for Business?
The session has a lot of Demo’s about new features around Office
365. It addresses users of Office 365 who wants to know what is new in the service and how to optimize the service.
Learn from field experience what the most wanted Discussion Points are around Office 365. In this 10 Points list you’ll find all you need to start your cloud conversation.
Office 365
15:00 Iain Smith Skype for Business: What it means for you, deployment options and top tips A practical look at the key factors in building a collaborative business with Microsoft Skype for Business, from deployment options to top tips for ensuring your project is a success.Take-away:

  • Will provide an understanding of the Skype for Business deployment options
  • Advice on what to consider in making your choice
  • Top technical and business tips and considerations for ensuring a successful UC strategy and the key pitfalls to avoid
Skype for Business
15:00 Michael Van Horenbeeck Exchange Hybrid Inside and Out The good, the bad and the ugly. This session is all about the itty-nitty details of a hybrid Exchange deployment.
From DirSync to AD Connect, from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 from a single forest to multi-forest environments: no stone will be left unturned.
Whether you are looking to implement a hybrid configuration or you are a consultant who deals with this on a daily basis: this session has something for everyone!
MS Exchange
16:00 Jon Maunder Whats in a name – Office 365 E5 With the recent announcement of Office 365 E5 suite, we
see a number of new capabilities being delivered by Microsoft. Modern collaboration, personalised insights and people centric compliance are the three core pillars, but what technologies are behind it? We will be covering the whole suite of products which include: Skype Meeting Broadcast, PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX, PSTN Calling, Power BI Pro, Delve Org Analytics, Customer Lockbox, Advanced Threat Protection and Predictive eDiscovery. Come and find out how these new features can be leveraged in your business and provide a truly unified productivity and communications experience.
Office 365
16:00 Alessio Giombini Reactive security techniques for Skype for Business Skype for Business and Lync are built with security in mind. Still, there is a certain amount of confusion and oversight around some security aspects; in many instances, these could pose major challenges in Microsoft UC adoption for more security-minded enterprises.

This session has the purpose to discuss the most heard security concerns and tricky points areas that Microsoft UC solutions consultant are expected to face, and a reactive approach to the best solution or mitigation for each, including “thinking outside of the box” where viable and third parties for advanced security, ultimately demonstrating how Microsoft UC solutions not only can be stable, secure and flexible.

Skype for Business
16:00 Nick Parlow Be Smart, Play Dumb; Exchange Design and Operations for Shared Services. A session describing how to design and manage exchange in the stripped down low cost world of shared services, and how these lessons apply in the outside world.  Shared services follow a “pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap” philosophy that relies on treating IT services as a commodity that can be replicated across numerous customers. Stripping away variability and using commodity building blocks dovetails with the Microsoft vision for Exchange, resulting in fewer errors and less downtime – so long as you follow the rules. The talk will cover the design principles of reducing complexity, building software updates into operations, avoiding badly documented “cleverness”, proactive maintenance, managing change, using the tools and capacity management. MS Exchange