UC Day 2015 – Skype for Business Slides

Stale Hansen – Do it right, the proactive approach to maintaining call quality in a Skype for Business deployment

The Microsoft Call Quality Methodology (CQM) is a systematical approach to not only troubleshoot and fix problems in your Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure, but also establish a methodology that is used proactively maintain call quality over time in your deployment. This sessions will touch on the components of CQM, The Call Quality Dashboard, Rate my call and how to succeed with the methodology.

Ben Lee – Skype for Business: Success beyond the servers

When deploying Skype for Business, organisations think they are getting a turn-key UC solution that their users instantly understand, use and benefit from. In fact, they are often just starting out on their UC journey – something that can be challenging at times, and is often underestimated. Skype for Business is not a product that you can “roll out” and walk away from, but is instead a platform that needs to be carefully planned, designed and moulded to fit business needs.

I’ll cover how you need to consider many other factors beyond doing your server and bandwidth calculations, including:

•Users, Users and more about how your Users are the key to success
•Environmental and Infrastructure
•Devices and Hardware

All of which will hopefully lead you towards a more truly successful deployment and the IT holy grail – very happy users!

Tom Morgan – Skype for Business Development Unveiled

Even amongst Skype for Business consultants, support staff and other professionals, there can be a lack of understanding surrounding Skype for Business development. I’m on a one-man crusade to change that. The great news for developers is that there are a collection of well-maintained APIs to help you integrate communication into your company in ways you’ve only dreamed of!Aimed at the technically curious, you don’t have to be a developer to enjoy this session: it’ll be demo-heavy as I show you some examples of what you can do (and how easy it really is). Always wanted to create a custom IVR system for your company to look up order information? We’ll cover that…and lots more including an overview of the new Skype Web SDK which was launched earlier this year. Warning: live demos ahead!! By the end of the session we will have created a simple IVR system and hooked it up to the PSTN network so that delegates can dial into using their mobile phones.

Tom Arbuthnot – Enterprise Voice Best Practises

An experts session on enterprise voice explaining the inner workings from core call routing to media services and more

Iain Smith – Skype for Business: What it means for you, deployment options and top tips

A practical look at the key factors in building a collaborative business with Microsoft Skype for Business, from deployment options to top tips for ensuring your project is a success.Take-away:
•Will provide an understanding of the Skype for Business deployment options
•Advice on what to consider in making your choice
•Top technical and business tips and considerations for ensuring a successful UC strategy and the key pitfalls to avoid

Alessio Giombini – Reactive security techniques for Skype for Business

Skype for Business and Lync are built with security in mind. Still, there is a certain amount of confusion and oversight around some security aspects; in many instances, these could pose major challenges in Microsoft UC adoption for more security-minded enterprises.

This session has the purpose to discuss the most heard security concerns and tricky points areas that Microsoft UC solutions consultant are expected to face, and a reactive approach to the best solution or mitigation for each, including “thinking outside of the box” where viable and third parties for advanced security, ultimately demonstrating how Microsoft UC solutions not only can be stable, secure and flexible.