Ultimate Migrator

Ultimate Migrator

Hassle free data migration!

Our software has helped the U.S. and Australian governments, global corporations with more than 80,000 mailboxes and companies with hundreds of Tb of messaging data move to Office 365 quickly and efficiently. Yet we are equally at home deployed at companies with as little as 300 users running a single instance of our software and simply recalling Enterprise Vault or HP Zantaz EAS shortcuts directly in Exchange.

Our Message Migration and Rehydration features allow you to easily move messaging data
between Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Vault, HP Zantaz EAS, PST Files, Mimecast, Syantec.cloud, MSG files, Public Folders, SharePoint and more.

Our Public Folder Analytics helps you to understand who owns your data, how old it is, what can be deleted and then automates the whole migration process.

With a focus on the management, reporting and movement of messaging data between storage
platforms, our distributed architecture means data can be transferred by the shortest route possible. This not only reduces system, LAN and WAN utilisation, but allows data unavailability to be minimised if not eliminated entirely.

With enterprise features included as part of the core product including multi-domain support, enduser opt-in, active directory integration, pilot users and computers, multi-time zone support, built in end user notifications, roles based access and lots more, we can help to simplify discovery and migration projects no matter what size and complexity. We focus on full end-to-end automation with centralised administration, reducing or completely removing the need for manual intervention.